Metal Roof Systems

Our team of experts  specialize in the fabrication and installation of custom residential architectural sheet metal in the finest neighborhoods.

Members of our installation team acquired their expertise in the field through previous factory training at leading manufacturers of metal roofing. We pride ourselves in this assembly of skill and experience, which separates us from our competition.

Our technicians install a variety of metal roofs:

Standing Seam

Standing seam roofs have been popular for centuries. The term standing seam is used to describe any type of joinery that uses an upturned portion of the metal to connect adjacent metal sections. The joinery raises the seam above the drainage plane of the panel, creating its distinctive vertical lines.

Shingles and Tiles

Metal roofs can also be made to resemble wood shakes, clay and cement tiles, shingles and Victorian metal tiles. To create the desired look, aluminum or coated steel can be pressed or formed into individual realistic shapes.


Copper is the premiere roofing material. Many public buildings with copper roofs -courthouses, state capitals and monuments – have stood for more then a hundred years as testament to this material’s prestige and durability. Copper is lightweight, versatile and easy to work with. It is ideal for complex rooflines. This unique metal does not require a protective finish and, once exposed to the weather, it quickly loses its shiny surface and turns a rich earth tone brown. Over a period of years, it develops a blue-green color, referred to as Patina.

Another customer advantage provided by the metal roofing is their energy efficiency. Metal roofs reflect much of the intense Texas sunbeams creating a cooling effect and allowing a substantial reduction of monthly airconditioning bills. In contrast the asphalt shingles absorb the heat elevating the costs. Therefore metal roofing is environmentally friendly. In addition, while each year billions of pounds of asphalt shingles pile up in the landfill, well over 75% of the material used for residential metal roofing is recyclable. Most of the aluminum roofing is made from recycled soda cans.

Marathon Roofing & Services provides excellence in roof repair covering the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Some areas of service include: Roof MaintenanceRoof RestorationNew ConstructionRoof RepairRoof ReplacementInsurance Claims Assistance

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One Source A comprehensive approach means that our number is the only one you need to call no matter what the roofing need.  We’re confident you will find working with us a pleasure, from the streamlined approach that comes from an all-in-one supplier to our attentive, professional and friendly customer service we aim to give our customers and clients the very best roofing experience available.
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