Radiant Barriers
Radiant barriers can be used in two places: in the walls and at the roofline of a home.

In order for a radiant barrier to block radiant heat, it needs to have an air space in front of it. This being said, unless the radiant barrier is installed behind a brick wall which has an air space between the brick and the actual wall itself, the radiant barrier is just an expensive house wrap. However, when it is installed behind the brick, it is very effective in reducing the radiant heat that the wall is exposed to.

The roofline application gets a bit more complicated. Radiant barriers can effectively reduce the temperature in a typical attic by 18 to 23 degrees if they are installed properly at the underside of the roof deck. However, radiant barriers do not reduce the humidity in the attic because the attic is still vented, allowing outside air in, with all its moisture. When you reduce the temperature in an attic, you effectively adjust the dew point, so if there is any duct leakage from your HVAC system in the cooling season, condensation will form. This can mean it may “rain” in your attic if duct leakage is bad enough. Moisture can damage insulation and ductwork while creating mold growth.

Marathon Roofing understands that if you install a radiant barrier at your roofline, you need to use good, R-8 insulation around your ductwork and seal every joint with mastic. Our experts can perform a duct leakage test also to find hidden leaks.  The technology of a radiant barrier works. Our team will make sure you take advantage of the benefits and avoid the negatives of this product.

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