Roof Maintenance
If it involves the roof, we can do it!  From ongoing surveys to fault finding, leak detection and general technical support, let the experts keep your roof in perfect shape. Preventative maintenance can save thousand on repairs.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection Program (PMI)

Annual inspection of the roof by a qualified professional is essential to its healthy functioning. The inspection may detect early signs of deterioration, which may be swiftly corrected prior to Texas’ tumultuous spring weather . The existing records of roof inspections prevent possible complications during the insurance claim process after the storm.

The key to a long-term performance of a roofing structure is knowledge of its functioning, periodic inspections and routine preventive maintenance. A professional roofing contractor provides this service.

Clients who participate in the PMI are guaranteed the following:

  • A detailed report of current roof conditions.
  • A scaled drawing of the entire roof structure.
  • Digital pictures of existing conditions of the roof.
  • Completion of all repairs and replacements according to the highest standards of the roofing industry.
  • Follow up inspections to ensure proper roof performance.
  • Annual inspections conducted upon your authorization.
  • Professional insight of our staff when considering leaks unrelated to roofing problems.
  • 24 hour emergency service.

Roof maintenance is vital to its longevity and proper performance. A number of problems may develop over the constant weathering process:

  • Deterioration of caulking on a flashing.
  • Dislocation of seams.
  • Exposure of a membrane of the roof due to the scattering of gravel.
  • Accelerated deterioration of a roof membrane in areas of increased humidity, ex: ponds.
  • Immediate damages due to the natural causes.
  • Tears and punctures caused by unrelated construction activity or vandalism.

Your participation in the PMI program will yield multiple benefits to the commercial property owner or manager. Most importantly, the program guarantees to extend the lifetime of the roof by 30% while controlling maintenance costs and preventing serious roof problems.

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